India is a Gangster's Paradise

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Hindutva & Fascism

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On August 15, India celebrates the 75th anniversary of its independence. We ask, who in India is free?

State violence and crackdowns against dissent existed in India before, however, Modi’s fascist regime has taken it to a whole new level.

India’s democracy is under threat. #AskIndiaWhy started with the farmers’ protest — the largest protest in human history that is still going strong. Farmers' demands have not been met and protesters' human rights continue to be violated. Godi media’s blatant efforts to spread disinformation are evident not only through the reporting on the farmers' protests, but in all critical events where the media should be holding the government accountable.

India’s silencing of journalists, activists, and supporters; the government’s disinformation efforts, and the mass violence the state has inflicted on minorities and marginalized communities, demonstrates the extent of Modi’s threat to the people of India.

India is a Gangster's Paradise.

As the nation continues to slide from democracy to a facist regime run by a criminal mastermind, our hearts go out to the people of India. That's why we created the  #AskIndiaWhy campaign earlier this year, inspired by the #FarmersProtest. We recognized that the issues being faced by the people of India are critical and complex; and the politics are dirty and divisive.

Radicalized Hindu nationalists call for the genocide of minorities with impunity, no consequences at all because they are supported by the leaders and their cronies. Caste and gender violence continues — the fleeting headlines about young Dalit girls violently raped and murdered at the hands of dominant caste men have become a common occurrence — while the governing elite reconfigure India's economy and institutions to serve corporate thugs.

India has a violent past. India is violent now.  We can’t let the violence continue. 

So we ask you to join us from August 12th to 15th and remind the world that India's independence does not mean freedom for its people.

Protests are being organized around the world — as Covid restrictions allow — to call out the Government of India. We all came together earlier this year  — from Australia, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, UK, USA — and delivered a unified message that was compelling, inspiring and incredibly impactful.

Let's do it again.

1. Share and repost about "Gangster's Paradise".

Use hashtag #AskIndiaWhy to show your support for minorities and marginalized people of India. Share your own messages, or repost the "Gangster's Paradise" series of graphics from @poeticjfdn (as of August 14th). You can download and re-share the content from the link below:

Please try to tag the social media accounts of government officials, media and prominent personalities in your messages.

2. Make some noise - sign and share the online petition.

We're calling on the United Nations to have India reaffirm its citizens' rights to dissent and free expression. Help us get to 10,000 signatures — and more!

3. Organize an on-ground action near the closest Indian Embassy.

If you don't have an Indian Embassy, hit up a media outlet or your local elected representative’s office on August 14th/15th 2021. Share pictures on social media using the hashtag #AskIndiaWhy.

4. Join our team of organizers, writers and creators.

If you're interested in joining the small but mighty #AskIndiaWhy team, you can join the private group on Facebook.

Hashtags — use #AskIndiaWhy plus one or more of the following

#StandwithFarmers  #FarmersProtest  #NoFarmersNoFood  #KisaanRally  #GodiMedia  #ModitheFascist  #humanrights  #democracy #GangstersParadise

Instagram @accounts to tag

@timesofindia, @the_hindu, @indianexpress, @bbcnewsindia, @bbcnewspunjabi, @ndtv, @ndtvindia, @sikhexpo, @indigenouspeoplesmovement, @diversifyournarrative, @unitednationshumanrights, @thecaravanindia, @newslaundry

Twitter @accounts to tag

@sikhexpo, @WorldSikhOrg, @unwomenindia, @UNHumanRights, @hrw, @UN, @UN_HRC, @UNICEF, @UNGeneva, @IMFNews, @WTO, @FAO, @WorldBank, @TorontoStar, @BaazNewsOrg, @UNinIndia, @PMOIndia, @nstomar, @jakaramovement, @sikh_coalition,

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